Reconstructing the historic Boyle Workhouse in 3D CGI

Boyle Workhouse Shop

Poster for the 2018 launch of Barry Feely's new book 'We Are The Survivors'

A Highly Recommended Read....


by Barry Feely

Telling the people’s story, their memories and tales.

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A short extract....

"The horror and stigma of the Workhouse still lingers in some people’s  minds. After 160 years, the history of Boyle Workhouse is not widely  known, but the basic prejudice remains. In my research for this book, I  experienced two stories that illustrate this point. The late Dr. Martin  Fallon with his wife Mary and children arrived in Boyle in 1973 to take  up his appointment as dispensary doctor.

Mary recently told me an anecdote that occurred shortly after they  arrived.1 They lived in a fine two-storey house built in the Workhouse  grounds. Their neighbours across the road were Maud Tuite and her sister  Alice Callaghan who ran a small pub. A few days after their arrival,  Alice left a box of vegetables outside the door. (This was an old custom  of welcome).

After some time when the Fallons had settled in their new home, Mary  started her own garden which included strawberries. The first punnet she  picked she brought it over to Alice. Going into their kitchen she  presented the fruit to the Callaghans. Alice blessed herself and said:  In the name of the Father, son and Holy Ghost take it away child. We  wouldn’t touch anything that came out of the workhouse grounds."

Barry Feely - 2018