Reconstructing the historic Boyle Workhouse in 3D CGI

Reconstructing the historic Boyle Workhouse in 3D CGI


Welcome to the Boyle Workhouse Website

A Virtual 3d Project of an authentic Irish workhouse


The primary purpose of this website is to showcase the ongoing project of modeling the old Boyle Workhouse as authentically as possible. Boyle Workhouse is no longer extant but enough information exists in various forms to recreate it. 

Boyle Workhouse is built directly from authentic architectural drawings which are stored in the Architectural Archive in Dublin. Photographic material also exists to help create a clear picture of the appearance of the workhouse and its surrounding area. Ordnance Survey maps from the late 1800s also give us a very clear plan of the workhouse location and structure. 

The content on this website will be continuously updated as more information is gathered and as the 3D Workhouse model is being developed and improved. All new information is always welcome therefore you are invited to share any information or photographs you may have of the Workhouse or surrounding areas. 

Virtual Flyover

An ongoing project - A birds-eye view of the entire Boyle Workhouse complex around 1890.

This YouTube movie is continuously updated on a weekly basis as the Workhouse model is being refined and improved.

Original Architectural Drawings and Maps


Original Workhouse drawings

Courtesy of the Irish Architectural Archive at Merrion Square, Dublin.


Detailed building plans

Exact structural information., techniques, materials.



Detailed ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor plans. 

Existing photographs


Preserving the Past

Sadly, not much remains from the original workhouse. However, there exists many photographs helping us to build a picture of what Boyle Workhouse looked like. If you have any information and photographs, of any part of Boyle Workhouse or surrounding areas then please contact me. The old railings and wall pillars on Elphin Street would be of particular interest as would any image taken from the direction of the Crescent or the clock tower. 

Please Click Here if you have any interesting info.

From Cambridge University to Independent News to Irish Miltary Archives, Aerial photographs exist fr

Aerial Photography

Interestingly there are a number of aerial images of Boyle in existence. These span a period of between about 1940 to 1964. A good number of these have captured parts of the Boyle Workhouse area. Some of which are extremely detailed and clear. 


Local Photography

Local people from Boyle have provided various photographs featuring portions of the Workhouse. These photographs range from 1922 to 1972. Additionally, there are a few features still in existence such as peripheral walls and a single corner pillar.